Sunday, August 23, 2015

So You Work At Home.. How Did You Get That Job??

Apply For It!

I applied for it, like you do any job.

But, in this case you have to look a little harder if you are angling toward working at home for a company or in an established industry. In my case, call center customer service, billing, etc.
Personally, I hate sales (which is probably why I suck at it) because I hate taking people's money when I know they can get a better deal or whatnot.

I have never been on the list of spectacular sales people. I did OK, when I had to but I much prefer a job where I don't have to actually talk someone into spending their money.
If they call me going “Hey I wanna spend some money” that's cool. I'll sell ya what I got. And I'll get you a great deal.
But if I'm calling or having to do the upsell on a customer service call it puts my stomach in knots. I hate it.
Not THIS Job, That One ^^
I hate it.




So I love the current position ( as much as I can at this point.. not their fault, totally me.. explain later).
If you are looking specifically for a work at/from home (remote, telecommute) job, the common sense thing to do is go to where these jobs are.
I already pointed you to the FB group where found 3 of my last 4 remote jobs.
Here ya go the link again: Legit W@H Source .

Also, Craiglist has a number of offerings but be very careful of anyone asking personal info who does not first tell you:

Name of company
Work you'll be doing
Location or mode of training (onsite/remote)
Pay (rate/frequency)

Use your best judgment, but always be very VERY cautious of anyone trying to get money from you or have you deposit a check, etc. Yeh, you know the scam I'm talking about.

Anyway, while you're scoping the WAH field, be tailoring your resume to fit what you're looking for.
For me I already had WAH experience from years ago. My very first WAH job was as a PSO.
That stands for Phone Sex Operator.
Yes. I talked dirty for money.
And it was good money. Supported my kids for 2 good years. Where, you ask, does one find such a job? The most legit source I found (and I haven't looked in YEARS so things may have changed) is . Just as with CL, make sure you check and double check sources and info. Anyone asking for money upfront is suspect.

And beware The Sleaze.
It exists. It is a Thing.

So, I had that on my resume for a while until I moved back into the far less risque field of call center customer servicing.
So how do you tailor that resume? Well, if you have no WAH experience highlight the skills and knowledge that a remote hire should have namely:
So hopeful...So delicate...
SO Important!

Time management
Ability to work unsupervised
Home office
Technical savvy

Most of these companies require you to have a reliable internet and/or phone connection in a quiet, private area of your home.  
We operate on the highest residential they got because I am not the only one on it and 10 hours a day, four days a week I am a broadband hog.

I admit it. I am not ashamed.
In which case if you ARE submitting a resume targeted for at-home work, a blurb on your cover letter mentioning your tech setup or home office won't go unnoticed. Put it near the top or as the last thing at the bottom because HR people rarely really read every one of those things word for word. They don't have time. Most people are drawn to the beginning and the end of a document. Take advantage of homo sapiens nature.
So as a lovely bonus I'll be pasting my resume in here. It's been touched up a bit since I got this job last year (one never knows!) and it's not the best resume nor is it a perfect one.
But it got me this job :D

Gwendolyn B. Jordan
Home office XXXX

Seeking gainful employment that is both personally & financially satisfying.
Customer service skills are foremost. Computer skills current. Extensive telephone and face-to-face customer care experience. Writing, blogging, data expert.

Guardian Liberty Voice
Journalist/Senior Editor/Training Assistant (9/19/2013-Present) Work at Home
Create articles on breaking, current news stories. Edit, proofread and publish articles to website following strict style and submission guidelines. Recruit and train potential candidate writers on style, submission and publication guidelines. Maintain ethical and moral standards of publication.
Convergys Corp: NorthEast
CAE (4/2/2013-9/19/2013) Telecommute
Accept inbound calls from Comcast video service customers. Technical support, account management; upgrades;
Schedule, confirm, or cancel appointments for service issues & equipment installation. Customer education
N.E.W. Corp: Sterling, VA
CCR (11/14/2011-2/8/2013) Telecommute
Accept inbound calls from DirecTV satellite television customers. Technical support, sales, billing. Schedule, confirm cancel appointments. Customer education on products & services.
Teleperformance Advanced Services Division: Shreveport, LA
Nesting Manager (1/11-8/13/11)
Manage team of new hires, identify & fill knowledge gaps. OTJ Training agent retention/improvement
Team Manager (7/10-1/11)
Manage team of 20-25. Scheduling, quality, call handling. Agent retention and improvement
Inbound calls from subscribers pertaining to cable video technical support & billing. Schedule/reschedule service calls. Educate customer on products & services, policies & procedures.
Bright House Networks: DeLand, FL/Maitland, FL
RSR/Lead (1/08-1/26/10)
Assist & coach CSPs, escalated call handling. Error correction & account review/follow up
Customer Service Professional (12/05-1/08)
Inbound calls from subscribers pertaining to cable, high-speed Internet, and digital phone service. Billing, troubleshooting, appointment setting/confirming, account management.

Customer Service Excellence Certification, Bright House Networks:
Level II 2005
Level III 2006
Level III 2007
Level II 2008
Nov 2006 Cable Network Overview
Feb 2007 Excellence in Customer Service (Honor Graduate)
Sep 2007 Introduction to Business
Dec 2007 Introduction to PC Applications (Honor Graduate)
Mar 2008 HSD Customer Service (Honor Graduate)
Jun 2008 Advanced HSD Customer Service (Honor Graduate)
Oct 2008 Introduction to Marketing
O.D. Wyatt High School, Fort Worth, TX
Green B. Trimble Technical HS Adult Education Center, Fort Worth, Texas

Motivated, time management. Minimal supervision required, flexible & dependable. Type 50 wpm, 10-key sight & feel. Windows proficient. Certified in Excel, Word, Access, and PowerPoint. 14+ years Internet, 20+years Customer service, 14+ years tech support

References Available Upon Request

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Working at Home.. What About the Baby??

So.. I fibbed.
I promised on blog before last I would tell how I manage to work full time at home with an 8month-old baby. I got distracted by football and then nostalgic for GLV.......
..Anyway. So Sorry.

About that full time working thing, and The Baby.
Like all of my kids he is/was breastfed (expand on this later). When I first went back to work this was problematic because I had to pump for him. And I had no pump. It wasn't planned that way, the time just got away from me.
Anyway, I got a sling and kept him with me as long as I could, but it came to a point where he got too wriggly and I had to pas shim off.
Understand I went back to work when RahRah was only 4 weeks old, so both of us were forcing the matter, I guess.
Anyway, my elder kids and my mom came to my rescue. Right now, I have a live-in on-call sitter who works for room and board. 
And the occasional handful of Hershey's Kisses.
Thank you Alex. I love you bunches.

Sweet if you can get it.
So for those that can't get it... What to do?

While I was slingin' it with RahRah I did look into other options. is site where sooo many people sent me. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take advantage of it because I couldn't guarantee myself I would have the spare funds to pay the lady.
But for those that CAN, it's very easy and free to register. The site is extremely intuitive. Just click the link you need to get what you want.

Be specific about exactly what you need, meaning:

Seeking childcare (age(s), gender, special needs)
Where? Your home or theirs? Prefer a center?
Will you drop off?
Do they pick up? (driving record? insurance? car seat?)

Be specific about the person you're looking for:

OK around animals?
CPR Certified?
Nutritionally proficient?
Allergic to cats/dogs/birds/fish spit?

Include anything as a mother (or father) you want them to do extra, if needed:
Light housework
Minimal cooking
Walk the dog

I believe they have a form that walks you through most if not all of this, so it should be no problem to narrow your ad down to exactly what you need. And now...

I have not been compensated or solicited by or any of their affiliates, associates, employees or agents. The above information is from my own experience only and should not be factored in when deciding whether or not to utilize this service. I have not been nor am I now affiliated with other than registering as a prospective customer

I never posted a job on  for the above mentioned reason. Instead I went to what it seems I always do: Facebook. I know, I know. It should get old but hey, Zuckerberg's Beast has merit...
Anyway, I posted this ad in a local group called Fort Worth Buy Sell & Trade:

RahRah @ 2mths

ISO sitter for 2 mth old 5d a week. 
Mon/Tues 1030a-915p
Wed-Fri 1130a-915p.
In my home. Must be comfortable with large dog. Child is breastfed and I will take him on my breaks/lunch. 
Reply with your desired rate.

I got several excellent replies from ladies I'm sure would've been wonderful with my RahRah. Again, I couldn't find the room in my budget to properly compensate anyone who needed to make a living at this.

Other options depend on your budget, from Human Services sponsored day care to the neighborhood sitter lady (historically closely associated with the neighborhood candy lady :D) to traditional day care centers. In our area we dial 211 for Depatment of Human Services (DHHS)  but in Louisiana  and in Florida it was different. .

Look into it, research and don't be afraid to interview and decline. If you like her/him but the rate is just a bit out of range, negotiate. People that watch kids for a living usually do it because (shockingly) they truly love being around children. Other people's children, even. All day. Really.

This is your kid, bottom line, and you cannot be too careful ever EVER with who is watching your baby. You cannot focus on work if you are stressed over what's happening with you tiny one. So handle this like you handle pretty much anything else you do as a Mom/Dad trying to work at home and make it work.

Now then.. we got some football to watch :D

Next go round we will look at how to tailor a resume to nab that At-Home job.
If I forget somebody please remind me....I got Football Brain yanno...

PS....If you're like me and not interested in ever needing a resume again, check out The Stuff I Like..
Over there>>>>>

Take care & talk soon 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Writers Work At Home, Right?

I don't know if any of you are aware of this but I Freaking L O V E football.
I love it.
I am so so SO happy that football is back.
I don't care if its a repeat of a game or a game I already watched, If its on I'm watching it.
I've been watching football all day.

Once upon a time, I had a dream job. I am and always have been a writer. So I submitted an article on a hope and they hired me.
They didn't just hire me, they loved me. The owner/editor installed me as a sports writer when he realized how obsessed with football and MMA and the Olympics I am.
That's about it when it comes to my sports knowledge and enthusiasm, by the way, Pretty much anything else except tennis is ho hum for me.

The Guardian Liberty Voice is based out of Las Vegas ,Nevada and the Founder & Editor-in-Chief, DiMarkco Chandler was the best boss ever. His care and interest in his writers and editors as people is unmatched and so genuine there was pretty much nothing he couldn't ask of me. When I worked there, I had no job. It wasn't work. It was bliss.

The only reason I am not there now is because we had bills. And being a writer s not a job you do for the pay, really. It's akin to teaching in that way. It is a noble calling and a skill that is refined over time. Some are gifted with the ability and can influence everyone they come in contact with. 
DiMarkco is such a person. He is the one boss I could argue with and cry with. I could tell him to go to hell and we would be laughing the next minute. He is real and he is human and he recognizes this in the people around him. In doing so, he embraces and uplifts those people, and has created something very unique and special at GLV.

When I worked there, a lot of the positions were offered through CraigsList. It's been a year and more so I'm not sure how they are recruiting these days but I am delighted to see they are still in operation.

Unlike most other “writing jobs”, GLV doesn't take your sample and say “here write something else and hope you get some clicks we can pay you for”.
GLV holds intensive training sessions called Boot Camp (at least they did) designed to ensure their writers adhere to set Style & Submission Guidelines. Being there and going through Boot Camp made me a better writer , no doubt about it, and gifted me with the joy of doing what I loved for a living, if only for a short time.

Writers are placed on teams and each article is edited and proof read by hand before publishing. If you are an aspiring writer and you want to follow that passion to its ultimate, GLV is the place to go.
Tell 'em Brandi sentcha.

Disclaimer::: The pay structure at GLV is very lucrative and fair for ALL the writers and editors. My situation was not the norm as I saw it. As long as writers met their obligations they got paid. I got paid for what I wrote and then some. No one at GLV was responsible for me leaving. 

Friday, August 14, 2015

You Work At Home.. Really???

Since I came back to Texas I've been working from home. Not a bad gig if you can get it. Call centers outsource and third-party vendor companies mostly.
I have worked for 3 different corps and the one I'm with right now is by far the best so far. Excellent benefits, good hours, diversity and availability. Hands down it outstrips any other call center environment I've ever been in.
Understand, I have been call centering since I was 18-19 years old. Inbound and outbound, warm and cold calling, sales,surveys, customer service and tech support.
I have done, seen and heard it all. By phone, of course.

So how, you ask, does one find get and keep a good at-home job?
Well first you have to find the companies that are hiring home-based, or remote workers. “Telecommute” is a somewhat outdated term. I've noticed most companies are referring to their home-based agents as remote workers/hires, etc.

So the one place I found a wealth of good information that's kept up to date is on Facebook.
Don't roll your eyes. It's for more than twerking videos.

There is a closed group that one can join by invitation only called Legitimate Work at Home Sources and Links . It has well over 3000 members as of this writing and the group has done nothing but grow and improve since I joined years ago.

The group moderators are very diligent in keeping their data up to date and keeping the group clear of any MLM, pyramid, sales etc. There is NO prospecting allowed here. Believe me I have chafed at it, since I enjoy a good affiliate proggie or some, but nope, Not here.

I have found 2 or my last 3 remote jobs through his site. We're talking hourly jobs with paid training, supervisors and the whole works.

I would happily send out the email invite for any who wish. Just leave me your address in comments.

I've started my own group called MWHAH: Moms Work Hardest at Home (Dad's Too!) inspired by the W@H group. The difference will be that I will allow legit biz ops and such, as long as they are not over-hyped. I don't want my group to be nothing but marketers marketing to each other. If you want to build a list, go prospect elsewhere. I got links too.

I want my group to be a home for people who want to work from home, but diversify their income so one missed check doesn't mean crises and distress. So anyone looking to help me with that is more than welcome.

Next blog up I will be going into  how I'm getting this @Home work thing done with a baby in the house. 

That's a fun time. Promise. 

Talk soon!

PS: If you want to know more about the job I have now just drop me an email. 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Back to Blogging

Well if there was ever a long layoff, this was it. I think my last post was at least 4 years ago. I'll have to check.

Anyway, life has taken me full circle back to Texas and back to my husband who is the father of my three older kids.

And my new 8 month old.

Yeh, I got a new baby.
What was I thinking? 
Duh. Of course I wasn't. Who does??

Anyway, I adore the little Savage- officially named Uryjah Leyon- and he runs the house as babies are known to do.

RahRah as we call him, is the main reason why I am getting back to blogging because I am currently full-time employed tho working from home (explain later) and I am becoming a bit.. resentful.. of the time that job takes away from me being with RahRah.

So, I have been looking for something I can do that will replace the income (plus Benefits!!) so I can keep him with me and work a sporadic when-I-wanna schedule. 

When my elder kids where babies I spent too much time and money on work from home online scams trying to do exactly this. I wanted to work at home, support them and be around for them, but back then, scams were SO much the norm, it was damn near impossible. 
FYI.. If you read any of my previous stuff you now I spent some time as a phone sex operator and did a lil video. 
I ain't that sexy no more. We are knocking on middle age and I am NOT a cougar. Hubby digs me but of course, he would. 

Eventuality  I got out and got a "real job" and I've pretty much had one since with very little time betwixt. 

And I have missed so much of my younger boys' lives it makes me so sad. I do not want to miss any more, and I don't want to be Absentee Mom anymore. So I started looking for Something Else.

I'm still in the starting stages but I think I might have found that Something Else in Alan Cosen's Income Jack program.

I won't get into all the details here but suffice it say this guy has been through what I have been through and he had the means and the drive to get off the WageSlave Wagon and has made it possible for others -like me!- to join him.
How much is it? 
You got $20.00? No? 
No worries. He'll give it to you.
Or.. I will.....

You see, IncomeJack is a program that is designed to overcome all the objections of
Why I Can't Do It.
2 Time
(^^Those are my personal reasons up there ^^)
3 Experience
4 Access
5 Knowledge

Every single one of those reasons is addressed and dealt with. He makes it impossible for you NOT to succeed unless you decide you don't want to. Consciously or subconsciously, we all psych ourselves out on taking a chance like this. But Alan removes that risk. He negates the objections before they arise.

Wanna see?

I'll upload it in the blog too, just in case. 

Let me know when you're ready.