Sunday, January 25, 2009

Feelin the Burn

I'm 1/3 of a Polyamorous Triad. I am bisexual, and brilliantly happy with my female mate Diva and our male mate Gryffin. Between us we have 5 children aged 16 to 3, 6 cats, 2 dogs, and a three- legged hamster. That's a story in itself. We'll get into some of it later.

The point of this post is opening the door into my personal Dark Matter and to start journaling my attempt at toning up what used to be a decent body.
By decent I don't mean rail thin. I mean no flabby, no floppy. I'd be pleased as punch if I could shave my snatch without having to lift my belly out of the way.

So we joined a fitness club. It's small, a little country , a little ghetto. It's a justifiable expense for the three of us and I can drag one or both of the Elder Tribelets along for (de)moral(izing) support.

So I went the first week on a Wed and took the Elder Geek and the Tweety. They both put me to shame. Last week I didn't go. I had no shoes until Wednesday or Thursday morning and we had a lot going on.
So whilst plucking my eyebrows, Diva suggested what I had considered doing anyway: stop in on tjhe way home from work. I already had the bag packed.
So last night (this morning? yesterday morning? *shrug*), I left work and went for gas, and headed my so-wide ass over to work out. I got there about 3am.

The beauty of this: I was completely alone. It was so awesome. I got dressed and went out and put my new sneakers on (11 bux, men's size 6 yeah baby). I stretched -which I hadn't done during daylight hours w/the Tribelets. I jumped on the elliptical for 5 minutes. Jumped on the bike for 5 minutes. Did 3o reps on an arm-pumping machine and finished up with 30 or 45 ( I lost count twice) crunches on the bouncy ball.
Now I was at the doctor 2 weeks ago and they weighed me in at 226 -OMG I felt horrid. Never been this big ever.
So I stepped on the one scale I could find en route to the locker to grab my bag: 220.

What? WHAT???

What did I do? I stopped drinking soda and Kool-Aid about 2 weeks ago. I gave up the freakin huge refill of French vanilla coffee slushy I took to work.
Can something so simple make that big a difference or do they set their scale low on purpose?
Honestly>>>>>I dont give a shit!!!!

I walked out into 45 degree weather in shorts, a tank top and my own sweat and felt fucking great.
I can't wait to get back in there.

Hopefully, I'll be joined by a mate or two and we can feel the burn together.


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