Sunday, February 15, 2009

Up & Down & Down.....& Up -Dammit

I've been fighting the same 3 pounds for a month. Went to workout 2 Tuesdays back and made the mistake of checking my weight *before* I worked out. 225. I was so discouraged I didn't even hit the elliptical, my favorite machine.
So I went three days in a row that Sat/Sun/Mon and didn't weigh myself at all. I went last night and stepped on the scale before working out with the firm resolve to finish my full round no matter what it said.
I mean, I managed to get up to 8.5 minutes on the elliptical Monday night. I made it to 10 minutes solid last Tuesdays soo....


I still wonder if somebody is tweaking the scale, but I still don't care. Valentine's is a bad time to be looking to lose but I think I can get through it.

Still working on the Absent-Minded Eating thing. I eat a lot less when I'm working on computers but I smoke way more then, and I'm working on quitting. So, it's a trade off.
One breath at a time, or I'll choke on something....


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