Saturday, March 14, 2009

Back in The Saddle

We joined a gym back in January and I started going at least three days a week.
Since November I’ve had some pain twinges in my elbow but I didn’t pay much attention to it. I always hurt somewhere in the vicinity of shoulders, wrists, etc.
The pain got worse and stopped being occasional. I didn’t make the mistake of pushing my workout too hard. I was concentrating on abs and legs, not so much on arms. I only did a few exercises there.
Two weeks ago I hurt so badly I bought a sling and I had to stop working out. I just couldn’t do it, especially after work. My left arm was just screaming in pain and my range of motion was severely diminished.
So I went to the same doctor that did my carpal tunnel surgery two years ago. Only to find out what I thought was the return of carpal was tendonitis, most likely work related.
He asked when I wanted to file worker’s comp. I told him I didn’t. He put me in a two part brace –wrist and elbow-and gave me a script for naproxen.
At work that same day I realized that brace was slowing me down something fierce. I emailed my immediate superiors to explain why it was taking me song to take the next call. That was Friday
Monday I got dragged down to HR to discuss worker’s comp.
I told them the same thing: I don’t want it. I’m going for a promotion & I can’t afford to go down to 60% of my income. Honey figured it would be about 1k a month.
Our house payment is 950.00. Yeah. NOT.
So I come in Tuesday and I get nabbed back to HR and sent to their doctor who tells me I need an orthopedic guy because I do indeed have something cracked going on with my arm.
Protests that I’d already been to an ortho guy got, “But not ours.”
OK, fine.
I lost 2 weeks of work out time to this little fiasco. I was terrified I’d regained the 6 pounds I’ve worked all this time to lose.
Thankfully, according to the scale at the gym I’m holding steady at 220.
I limited the work out to crunches on the ball and 15 minutes on the elliptical.
All in all, it wasn’t bad. I got home and felt terrible, but not from the work out.
It was along day at work. And it’s probably going to continue.
I decided I can’t let this injury stop me from working out. HR and WC Doc don’t want me overdoing the arm, so I don’t. I’m very happy I know how to type one-handed but I’m better with the left, darn it.
Anyway, getting back into my work-out groove seems to be going more smoothly than I thought it would.
I’m hoping the elbow issue will be cleared up soon so I can get back to the full swing of things.

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