Monday, March 23, 2009


LOST.... 2 pounds.
If Found Point, Laugh & Tell it I said

So I've been stuck at 220 for abut 2 months now. On the scale last night, I fianlly broke that plateau and hit 218!! I laid off working out for about 2 weeks because of tendonitis in my left arm.
DD and me are now on the same diet, keeping track of our calories at CalorieCount . She's interested in losing some belly roll. It's not badbut she wants to be "smexy". Diva says it destroys her lines, and Diva has an artist's eye. So she's doing all these ab tighteners, including hoola-hooping and crunches. I've noticed my belly lifting and I seem tobe getting some definition to my waist *sobs* I haven't seen my "waist line" since high school!
I got up to 25 minutes on the elliptical last night and I'm going for 30 as soon as I think I can handle it...later this week, maybe?
Uh, I was a little light-headed when I jumped off the machine last night. I figure that's a sign to take my time.
Now I'm firing up some of the chix I work with, showing them easy at-your-desk belly crunches they can do to start off. Giving tips on salads -because Diva makes some KILLER salads!- and general "Girl you can do this!" type stuff.

It's a work in progress.

And the work is progressing...



Christy M. said...

Congrats on breaking through your plateau. I know that feels good!!

I've been doing lots of hula hooping on Wii Fit and I've been sore around the middle all week. It's a good sore though!!

Thanks for joining the new challenge at the Sisterhood! We're glad to have you back!

Jenny said...

Hi. I'm just here visiting your site, and I have to say, I like it a lot. You have some great stuff to check out. I have a small blog that has been around for about 2 years. It's not big, I delete posts every now and then. But I invite you to come check out my site. I would love to have you over. :D