Saturday, August 1, 2015

Back to Blogging

Well if there was ever a long layoff, this was it. I think my last post was at least 4 years ago. I'll have to check.

Anyway, life has taken me full circle back to Texas and back to my husband who is the father of my three older kids.

And my new 8 month old.

Yeh, I got a new baby.
What was I thinking? 
Duh. Of course I wasn't. Who does??

Anyway, I adore the little Savage- officially named Uryjah Leyon- and he runs the house as babies are known to do.

RahRah as we call him, is the main reason why I am getting back to blogging because I am currently full-time employed tho working from home (explain later) and I am becoming a bit.. resentful.. of the time that job takes away from me being with RahRah.

So, I have been looking for something I can do that will replace the income (plus Benefits!!) so I can keep him with me and work a sporadic when-I-wanna schedule. 

When my elder kids where babies I spent too much time and money on work from home online scams trying to do exactly this. I wanted to work at home, support them and be around for them, but back then, scams were SO much the norm, it was damn near impossible. 
FYI.. If you read any of my previous stuff you now I spent some time as a phone sex operator and did a lil video. 
I ain't that sexy no more. We are knocking on middle age and I am NOT a cougar. Hubby digs me but of course, he would. 

Eventuality  I got out and got a "real job" and I've pretty much had one since with very little time betwixt. 

And I have missed so much of my younger boys' lives it makes me so sad. I do not want to miss any more, and I don't want to be Absentee Mom anymore. So I started looking for Something Else.

I'm still in the starting stages but I think I might have found that Something Else in Alan Cosen's Income Jack program.

I won't get into all the details here but suffice it say this guy has been through what I have been through and he had the means and the drive to get off the WageSlave Wagon and has made it possible for others -like me!- to join him.
How much is it? 
You got $20.00? No? 
No worries. He'll give it to you.
Or.. I will.....

You see, IncomeJack is a program that is designed to overcome all the objections of
Why I Can't Do It.
2 Time
(^^Those are my personal reasons up there ^^)
3 Experience
4 Access
5 Knowledge

Every single one of those reasons is addressed and dealt with. He makes it impossible for you NOT to succeed unless you decide you don't want to. Consciously or subconsciously, we all psych ourselves out on taking a chance like this. But Alan removes that risk. He negates the objections before they arise.

Wanna see?

I'll upload it in the blog too, just in case. 

Let me know when you're ready.   

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