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So You Work At Home.. How Did You Get That Job??

Apply For It!

I applied for it, like you do any job.

But, in this case you have to look a little harder if you are angling toward working at home for a company or in an established industry. In my case, call center customer service, billing, etc.
Personally, I hate sales (which is probably why I suck at it) because I hate taking people's money when I know they can get a better deal or whatnot.

I have never been on the list of spectacular sales people. I did OK, when I had to but I much prefer a job where I don't have to actually talk someone into spending their money.
If they call me going “Hey I wanna spend some money” that's cool. I'll sell ya what I got. And I'll get you a great deal.
But if I'm calling or having to do the upsell on a customer service call it puts my stomach in knots. I hate it.
Not THIS Job, That One ^^
I hate it.




So I love the current position ( as much as I can at this point.. not their fault, totally me.. explain later).
If you are looking specifically for a work at/from home (remote, telecommute) job, the common sense thing to do is go to where these jobs are.
I already pointed you to the FB group where found 3 of my last 4 remote jobs.
Here ya go the link again: Legit W@H Source .

Also, Craiglist has a number of offerings but be very careful of anyone asking personal info who does not first tell you:

Name of company
Work you'll be doing
Location or mode of training (onsite/remote)
Pay (rate/frequency)

Use your best judgment, but always be very VERY cautious of anyone trying to get money from you or have you deposit a check, etc. Yeh, you know the scam I'm talking about.

Anyway, while you're scoping the WAH field, be tailoring your resume to fit what you're looking for.
For me I already had WAH experience from years ago. My very first WAH job was as a PSO.
That stands for Phone Sex Operator.
Yes. I talked dirty for money.
And it was good money. Supported my kids for 2 good years. Where, you ask, does one find such a job? The most legit source I found (and I haven't looked in YEARS so things may have changed) is . Just as with CL, make sure you check and double check sources and info. Anyone asking for money upfront is suspect.

And beware The Sleaze.
It exists. It is a Thing.

So, I had that on my resume for a while until I moved back into the far less risque field of call center customer servicing.
So how do you tailor that resume? Well, if you have no WAH experience highlight the skills and knowledge that a remote hire should have namely:
So hopeful...So delicate...
SO Important!

Time management
Ability to work unsupervised
Home office
Technical savvy

Most of these companies require you to have a reliable internet and/or phone connection in a quiet, private area of your home.  
We operate on the highest residential they got because I am not the only one on it and 10 hours a day, four days a week I am a broadband hog.

I admit it. I am not ashamed.
In which case if you ARE submitting a resume targeted for at-home work, a blurb on your cover letter mentioning your tech setup or home office won't go unnoticed. Put it near the top or as the last thing at the bottom because HR people rarely really read every one of those things word for word. They don't have time. Most people are drawn to the beginning and the end of a document. Take advantage of homo sapiens nature.
So as a lovely bonus I'll be pasting my resume in here. It's been touched up a bit since I got this job last year (one never knows!) and it's not the best resume nor is it a perfect one.
But it got me this job :D

Gwendolyn B. Jordan
Home office XXXX

Seeking gainful employment that is both personally & financially satisfying.
Customer service skills are foremost. Computer skills current. Extensive telephone and face-to-face customer care experience. Writing, blogging, data expert.

Guardian Liberty Voice
Journalist/Senior Editor/Training Assistant (9/19/2013-Present) Work at Home
Create articles on breaking, current news stories. Edit, proofread and publish articles to website following strict style and submission guidelines. Recruit and train potential candidate writers on style, submission and publication guidelines. Maintain ethical and moral standards of publication.
Convergys Corp: NorthEast
CAE (4/2/2013-9/19/2013) Telecommute
Accept inbound calls from Comcast video service customers. Technical support, account management; upgrades;
Schedule, confirm, or cancel appointments for service issues & equipment installation. Customer education
N.E.W. Corp: Sterling, VA
CCR (11/14/2011-2/8/2013) Telecommute
Accept inbound calls from DirecTV satellite television customers. Technical support, sales, billing. Schedule, confirm cancel appointments. Customer education on products & services.
Teleperformance Advanced Services Division: Shreveport, LA
Nesting Manager (1/11-8/13/11)
Manage team of new hires, identify & fill knowledge gaps. OTJ Training agent retention/improvement
Team Manager (7/10-1/11)
Manage team of 20-25. Scheduling, quality, call handling. Agent retention and improvement
Inbound calls from subscribers pertaining to cable video technical support & billing. Schedule/reschedule service calls. Educate customer on products & services, policies & procedures.
Bright House Networks: DeLand, FL/Maitland, FL
RSR/Lead (1/08-1/26/10)
Assist & coach CSPs, escalated call handling. Error correction & account review/follow up
Customer Service Professional (12/05-1/08)
Inbound calls from subscribers pertaining to cable, high-speed Internet, and digital phone service. Billing, troubleshooting, appointment setting/confirming, account management.

Customer Service Excellence Certification, Bright House Networks:
Level II 2005
Level III 2006
Level III 2007
Level II 2008
Nov 2006 Cable Network Overview
Feb 2007 Excellence in Customer Service (Honor Graduate)
Sep 2007 Introduction to Business
Dec 2007 Introduction to PC Applications (Honor Graduate)
Mar 2008 HSD Customer Service (Honor Graduate)
Jun 2008 Advanced HSD Customer Service (Honor Graduate)
Oct 2008 Introduction to Marketing
O.D. Wyatt High School, Fort Worth, TX
Green B. Trimble Technical HS Adult Education Center, Fort Worth, Texas

Motivated, time management. Minimal supervision required, flexible & dependable. Type 50 wpm, 10-key sight & feel. Windows proficient. Certified in Excel, Word, Access, and PowerPoint. 14+ years Internet, 20+years Customer service, 14+ years tech support

References Available Upon Request

Next go round, we'll take a look at some work at home work yeah not jobs but work that just about anybody can do.

Take care & Talk Soon

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