Sunday, August 16, 2015

Working at Home.. What About the Baby??

So.. I fibbed.
I promised on blog before last I would tell how I manage to work full time at home with an 8month-old baby. I got distracted by football and then nostalgic for GLV.......
..Anyway. So Sorry.

About that full time working thing, and The Baby.
Like all of my kids he is/was breastfed (expand on this later). When I first went back to work this was problematic because I had to pump for him. And I had no pump. It wasn't planned that way, the time just got away from me.
Anyway, I got a sling and kept him with me as long as I could, but it came to a point where he got too wriggly and I had to pas shim off.
Understand I went back to work when RahRah was only 4 weeks old, so both of us were forcing the matter, I guess.
Anyway, my elder kids and my mom came to my rescue. Right now, I have a live-in on-call sitter who works for room and board. 
And the occasional handful of Hershey's Kisses.
Thank you Alex. I love you bunches.

Sweet if you can get it.
So for those that can't get it... What to do?

While I was slingin' it with RahRah I did look into other options. is site where sooo many people sent me. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take advantage of it because I couldn't guarantee myself I would have the spare funds to pay the lady.
But for those that CAN, it's very easy and free to register. The site is extremely intuitive. Just click the link you need to get what you want.

Be specific about exactly what you need, meaning:

Seeking childcare (age(s), gender, special needs)
Where? Your home or theirs? Prefer a center?
Will you drop off?
Do they pick up? (driving record? insurance? car seat?)

Be specific about the person you're looking for:

OK around animals?
CPR Certified?
Nutritionally proficient?
Allergic to cats/dogs/birds/fish spit?

Include anything as a mother (or father) you want them to do extra, if needed:
Light housework
Minimal cooking
Walk the dog

I believe they have a form that walks you through most if not all of this, so it should be no problem to narrow your ad down to exactly what you need. And now...

I have not been compensated or solicited by or any of their affiliates, associates, employees or agents. The above information is from my own experience only and should not be factored in when deciding whether or not to utilize this service. I have not been nor am I now affiliated with other than registering as a prospective customer

I never posted a job on  for the above mentioned reason. Instead I went to what it seems I always do: Facebook. I know, I know. It should get old but hey, Zuckerberg's Beast has merit...
Anyway, I posted this ad in a local group called Fort Worth Buy Sell & Trade:

RahRah @ 2mths

ISO sitter for 2 mth old 5d a week. 
Mon/Tues 1030a-915p
Wed-Fri 1130a-915p.
In my home. Must be comfortable with large dog. Child is breastfed and I will take him on my breaks/lunch. 
Reply with your desired rate.

I got several excellent replies from ladies I'm sure would've been wonderful with my RahRah. Again, I couldn't find the room in my budget to properly compensate anyone who needed to make a living at this.

Other options depend on your budget, from Human Services sponsored day care to the neighborhood sitter lady (historically closely associated with the neighborhood candy lady :D) to traditional day care centers. In our area we dial 211 for Depatment of Human Services (DHHS)  but in Louisiana  and in Florida it was different. .

Look into it, research and don't be afraid to interview and decline. If you like her/him but the rate is just a bit out of range, negotiate. People that watch kids for a living usually do it because (shockingly) they truly love being around children. Other people's children, even. All day. Really.

This is your kid, bottom line, and you cannot be too careful ever EVER with who is watching your baby. You cannot focus on work if you are stressed over what's happening with you tiny one. So handle this like you handle pretty much anything else you do as a Mom/Dad trying to work at home and make it work.

Now then.. we got some football to watch :D

Next go round we will look at how to tailor a resume to nab that At-Home job.
If I forget somebody please remind me....I got Football Brain yanno...

PS....If you're like me and not interested in ever needing a resume again, check out The Stuff I Like..
Over there>>>>>

Take care & talk soon 

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