Saturday, August 15, 2015

Writers Work At Home, Right?

I don't know if any of you are aware of this but I Freaking L O V E football.
I love it.
I am so so SO happy that football is back.
I don't care if its a repeat of a game or a game I already watched, If its on I'm watching it.
I've been watching football all day.

Once upon a time, I had a dream job. I am and always have been a writer. So I submitted an article on a hope and they hired me.
They didn't just hire me, they loved me. The owner/editor installed me as a sports writer when he realized how obsessed with football and MMA and the Olympics I am.
That's about it when it comes to my sports knowledge and enthusiasm, by the way, Pretty much anything else except tennis is ho hum for me.

The Guardian Liberty Voice is based out of Las Vegas ,Nevada and the Founder & Editor-in-Chief, DiMarkco Chandler was the best boss ever. His care and interest in his writers and editors as people is unmatched and so genuine there was pretty much nothing he couldn't ask of me. When I worked there, I had no job. It wasn't work. It was bliss.

The only reason I am not there now is because we had bills. And being a writer s not a job you do for the pay, really. It's akin to teaching in that way. It is a noble calling and a skill that is refined over time. Some are gifted with the ability and can influence everyone they come in contact with. 
DiMarkco is such a person. He is the one boss I could argue with and cry with. I could tell him to go to hell and we would be laughing the next minute. He is real and he is human and he recognizes this in the people around him. In doing so, he embraces and uplifts those people, and has created something very unique and special at GLV.

When I worked there, a lot of the positions were offered through CraigsList. It's been a year and more so I'm not sure how they are recruiting these days but I am delighted to see they are still in operation.

Unlike most other “writing jobs”, GLV doesn't take your sample and say “here write something else and hope you get some clicks we can pay you for”.
GLV holds intensive training sessions called Boot Camp (at least they did) designed to ensure their writers adhere to set Style & Submission Guidelines. Being there and going through Boot Camp made me a better writer , no doubt about it, and gifted me with the joy of doing what I loved for a living, if only for a short time.

Writers are placed on teams and each article is edited and proof read by hand before publishing. If you are an aspiring writer and you want to follow that passion to its ultimate, GLV is the place to go.
Tell 'em Brandi sentcha.

Disclaimer::: The pay structure at GLV is very lucrative and fair for ALL the writers and editors. My situation was not the norm as I saw it. As long as writers met their obligations they got paid. I got paid for what I wrote and then some. No one at GLV was responsible for me leaving. 

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