Friday, August 14, 2015

You Work At Home.. Really???

Since I came back to Texas I've been working from home. Not a bad gig if you can get it. Call centers outsource and third-party vendor companies mostly.
I have worked for 3 different corps and the one I'm with right now is by far the best so far. Excellent benefits, good hours, diversity and availability. Hands down it outstrips any other call center environment I've ever been in.
Understand, I have been call centering since I was 18-19 years old. Inbound and outbound, warm and cold calling, sales,surveys, customer service and tech support.
I have done, seen and heard it all. By phone, of course.

So how, you ask, does one find get and keep a good at-home job?
Well first you have to find the companies that are hiring home-based, or remote workers. “Telecommute” is a somewhat outdated term. I've noticed most companies are referring to their home-based agents as remote workers/hires, etc.

So the one place I found a wealth of good information that's kept up to date is on Facebook.
Don't roll your eyes. It's for more than twerking videos.

There is a closed group that one can join by invitation only called Legitimate Work at Home Sources and Links . It has well over 3000 members as of this writing and the group has done nothing but grow and improve since I joined years ago.

The group moderators are very diligent in keeping their data up to date and keeping the group clear of any MLM, pyramid, sales etc. There is NO prospecting allowed here. Believe me I have chafed at it, since I enjoy a good affiliate proggie or some, but nope, Not here.

I have found 2 or my last 3 remote jobs through his site. We're talking hourly jobs with paid training, supervisors and the whole works.

I would happily send out the email invite for any who wish. Just leave me your address in comments.

I've started my own group called MWHAH: Moms Work Hardest at Home (Dad's Too!) inspired by the W@H group. The difference will be that I will allow legit biz ops and such, as long as they are not over-hyped. I don't want my group to be nothing but marketers marketing to each other. If you want to build a list, go prospect elsewhere. I got links too.

I want my group to be a home for people who want to work from home, but diversify their income so one missed check doesn't mean crises and distress. So anyone looking to help me with that is more than welcome.

Next blog up I will be going into  how I'm getting this @Home work thing done with a baby in the house. 

That's a fun time. Promise. 

Talk soon!

PS: If you want to know more about the job I have now just drop me an email. 

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